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The Abwaan Chronicles Podcast

A podcast hosted by five Black, Muslim, women covering topics surrounding identity, immigrant culture, and social commentary. Speaking from first-hand experience, we discuss issues that interest us and affect us in our day-to-day lives.

Episode 49

The girls are tired folks! Literally. Hafsa invited her friends Ayan and Tobias to talk about how we have been swindled into selling their souls and working for the man. Millennial discontent, bullshit jobs, anti capitalism - we cover it all!

Episode 48

On this episode Ikran, Istahil and returning guest Juwayriya get down to the basics of climate change. Whats the science behind all the doom and gloom and what can we do about it? We talk about climate justice, what it's really like being a victim of this climate crisis and how our clothes are making the issue worse.

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